PSGB conference

Last week I was at the PSGB conference (Primate Society of Great Britain) to present a poster of the study on tourism effect on anxiety and physiological stress levels of Barbary macaques in Morocco. It is always great to have the opportunity to show our results and work on the field to other researchers. To […]

Wild Christmas

As we all know, Christmas is approaching and with everything that that implies. However, since Morocco is a Muslim country and thus does not celebrate Christmas, there is not much around to remind us about it. But shame on us if that was to stop us! An mp3-player packed with Christmas songs, a little Christmas […]

Mini Monkeys

I’ve been struggling for a few weeks trying to come up with a subject to write about. For the time being, I’ve been living and working in Morocco for the past 9 months so I can assure you that by now I have plenty of stories to share which makes it quite hard to decide […]