Just a quick reminder to all those avid blog readers to get your infant name suggestions in by Sunday! And also an opportunity to show that Spring has officially sprung in the forest with lovely little mountain flowers and a carpet of lush green forest floor. Chris

Oh Baby

  It is my pleasure to introduce to everyone the newest member of the Green Group.  On Wednesday Anna was a new mother and the birth season is officially underway!    This is the first birth in our three groups of 2011 and Anna is the dominant female of the Green Group and now her […]

New project coming soon!

I am very pleased to tell you that a new project on tourist/macaque interactions is going to be conducted at the field site soon. This project is an interdisciplinary anthropological study of ‘primate tourism’. We aim to develop biological and social anthropological approaches to understand how tourism influences primate societies and how to reduce or […]

Call of the Jackal

Over the last couple of days in the forest we have seen some wonderful sights.  Firstly on Friday we bore witness to a plethora of Wild pigs.  A group of maybe 10-15 adults and a menagerie of upwards of 20 tiny foot long infants maybe closer to thirty of them.  All scurrying around and showing […]