Long lost Larsson

Earlier this week when Sofia and I were searching for the Green group in the morning – by the very edge of the home range – we stumbled across someone we hadn´t seen in months. Larsson! This young male migrated from his presumably natal group (the Green group) in the middle of the mating season […]

Look the enemy in the eye

From time to time intergroup encounters occur. Home range sizes for Barbary macaques in The Middle Atlas region encompass in general a few km2 (the smallest home ranges for this species), and they overlap with other groups´ (Fooden 2007). One usually notices an intergroup encounter by spotting a “frontline” i.e. a few monkeys sitting and […]

Morning with “The Greens”

I find group at the top of “the vertical valley”. The hill is very steep and really takes the steam out of you. After twenty minutes of walking uphill, we are warm but still have cold cheeks since it is only a few degrees out. And there they are. Seemingly waiting for us. They’ve spotted […]