Chiara Borg

Chiara BorgEducation

2010-Present: MRes in Primate Biology, Behaviour and Conservation, Roehampton University. Dissertation title: ‘A comparison of endoparasites and body condition in three groups of Barbary macaques (Macaca sylvanus) exposed to different levels of tourism in Morocco.’

2007-2010: BSc (Hons) Zoology (First Class), Roehampton University


Research interests

At the moment I am currently interested in the welfare of animals as well as their conservation and management. I’m particularly concerned with the effect that humans have on the behaviour and physiology of both captive and wild animals, including non-human primates.

Other (here you can put whatever you want!)

For my undergraduate third year dissertation I looked at the effect of visitor number and noise level on the behaviour of a group of white-naped mangabeys (Cercocebus atys lunulatus) at ZSL London Zoo.

I am quite adventurous and love travelling and trying new things. I have been on a Eurotrip, tried rock-climbing, have obtained a PADI Open Water Diver license and have even been skydiving.