Friederike Hillemann


2008 – Present: Bachelors of Science in Biology, University of Göttingen, Germany

2008: University-Entrance Diploma, secondary school with focus on science “Werner-von-Siemens”, Magdeburg, Germany

Research interests

My main research interest is the behavioral ecology and sociobiology of vertebrates. So far all my studies and work has been about monkeys, but in the future I also would like to explore other very intelligent and social species, for example birds. Here in Morocco, I study the post-conflict behavior of the Barbary’s males for my Bachelor project.

Conference proceedings and talks

March 2011: Attendance at 12th Conference of the Gesellschaft für Primatology, Utrecht, the Netherlands


Field Research Assistant in “La Forêt des Singes” (Rocamadour, France) in Spring/Summer 2011

Student assistant for Prof. Dr. Julia Ostner, Courant Research Centre ‘Evolution of Social Behaviour’, Göttingen


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