BBC Africa

    Hi Blog readers, Just a quick note to let you all know everyone on the Barbary Macaque Project is very excited for the new BBC Natural History Units Series called Africa. I am sure you can all remember over the last couple of years we have had the BBC coming to film the […]

Team Barbary

Some of you bloggers might have noticed a little sporting event going on in London. The 2012 Olympics got me thinking about how our very own Team GB, or Team Great Barbary’s, would do and what events we could enter them in. With all the grooming, sleeping and feeding together a good team spirit would […]

Monkey conference

    Working in the office provides many different challenges, advantages and disadvantages compared to field work.  One such advantage is being able to attend some primate related conferences and show off some of the hard work we have been ploughing through. Last month i had such a pleasure and was able to attend the […]

The Researcher Fitness Plan

  As we enter 2012 the media is full of reports of over eating, new diet fads and ways to start a fresh and shed those extra Christmas Kilo’s.  If anyone out there feels a little adventurous then i would recommend the field researcher fitness plan.  8 hours plus mountainous walking in a variety of […]