The Cascades D’Ouzoud

The Cascade D'Ouzoud


This week we had a couple of days off and took advantage with a wee road trip to the Cascades D’Ouzoud.  A wonderful set of waterfalls in the centre of Morocco. 


Maria, Me, Tom and Frederic


 We had all heard about the groups of macaques living around the falls but we thought our luck was out and we were not going to be fortunate enough for the monkeys to grace us with their presence. But as we were climbing back up the canyon we were very lucky indeed. A group of macaques were up on the rocks foraging in the last few hours of sunlight.


Monkeys of the Cascade

We had a nice guide Youssef who showed us around the Cascade and surrounding area, where they produce lots of Olive and Argan Oil. 


Great Place for a Tagine


There are not many restaurants that can boast such a spectacular view as those in Ouzoud.  We were completely stuffed after a three course dinner and of course Mint Tea.  The spray of the Cascade cooled us as we ate and the sun slowly came down.


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