Spotlight on the Tourist Group

A week ago my time in Morocco came to an end and sadly, time definitely does fly by when you’re having fun. The brilliant thing about fieldwork is that every day is an adventure and the unpredictability of wild monkeys makes researching them fascinating. In fact, before I arrived in Morocco the Tourist Group monkeys […]

Scorpion Tales

  As we move away from the wet, cold and tough winter insects begin to become abundant in the forest once more.  The can be both a blessing and a curse.  Some of them are marvelous and wonderful to look at.  Others are irritating and insufferable.  And some have a useful function, such as the […]

More babies !!

The birth season continues, with now 5 babies in the Green Group and 7 in the Tourist Group.  At least 3 more babies are still impatiently waited in these two groups. The first female who gave birth in the Tourist Group was Luna, the dominant female. Luna’s infant falling asleep in the arms of her […]