Neal Marquez

Neal MarquezEducation (starting with more recent degree) 

Bachelors of Science in Anthropology (Cum Laude)

Minor in Zoology

Research interests

My research interests center around infant play behavior. Eventually I want to look at how endocrine/neurological, sociocultural and ecological variables mediate the types and frequency of play behaviors among juvenile primates. I would like to use non-human primate studies as a model for future behavioral studies on humans in natural settings, as opposed to laboratory tests. I am also interested in intra group aggression, behavioral ontogeny, social evolution and, of course, conservation.



I am an avid sports enthusiast. I especially love combat sports such as kickboxing, boxing, muy thai, free wrestling and mixed martial arts. I have a need to stay active and I often run the countryside here in Morocco as well as bike to new cities near Azrou.  Comic books, dungeons and dragons and pokemon are all life long hobbies for me. I’ll always be an adventurous kid at heart.