Winter Woes

As a primatologist we are in a rare and privileged position of working with a species of monkey who spend some of their year in the snow.  Most primates prefer the tropics. Many may consider this a mix blessing, studying monkeys on a pristine, white, untouched canvas is almost magical.  But on the other side of […]

The snow arrived

The snow, a bit late this year, is at last arrived in the forest. It was the occasion to take some pictures. The time seems to stop….. All seem quiet for a while… Track of animal in the snow. An example of Moroccan families building a snowman directly on their car. Then, they drive with […]

Alisson missing

The Tourist Group lives in a large home range including a tourist area. The group leaves the forest in the morning to reach the tourist area, and goes back in the forest the evening. People are habituated to come to the tourist area to look the monkeys, to take pictures, to give food to the […]

The BBC Team Arrive

  This week we have some very interesting guests with us in the forest.  Matthew Wright and Gavin Thurston from the BBC Natural History Unit.  They are here to film the macaques for a new TV series coming up on the BBC.  This is a great opportunity for us to see behind the scenes how […]

Cookery School

This weekend i was lucky enough to have another cookery lesson with Itto.  So far i have learned how to make a variety of Moroccan delicacies including numerous Tagines but finally i learned the secrets of my favorite dish, Itto’s Couscous. This dish is an amazing combination of light fluffy couscous and melt in the […]