Alan’s birthday

Last Sunday, the 15th of April, Alan was gaining an additional year. It was a good opportunity to celebrate and another good excuse to have some fun. Although it was his birthday, we spent the day at the field site collecting some data. Sunday is a very important day for the data collection as many […]

A piece of art from Laura

Laura was research assistant on my team  from January to March 2012. It was a real pleasure to work and live with her. I think I can speak on behalf of all team members when I say that we miss you here. So good luck in South Africa. To remind us the great time we spent together […]

The cycle of life

Yesterday was a strange day. Ominously perhaps, we returned to the field to be greeted by snowfall – in April! The first new born infant of the Tourist group has arrived! We found Olive holding her baby, protecting it from the cold and snow. She probably gave birth during the night, as the umbilical cord was […]