Maria Thunstrom

Maria ThunstromEducation

2008 –2010 Master of Science, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden

Biology with emphasis on Behavior Ecology and Primate Behavior.

2008-2009 (as a part of my Master) Exchange studies at University of Oregon, Eugene, USA.

2005-2008 Bachelor of Science, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden.

Main field of study: Biology/Molecular Biology


Research interests

My main interest within the area of primatology is a combination of issues related to the evolution of social behaviour and comparative cognition. My Master thesis was based on a study of the introduction and adoption process of a hand-reared infant chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) into a captive group in a zoo in Sweden, with the adaptive significance of adoption and alloparenting as the main theoretical aspect. Social communication and evolution of language are also areas I find very fascinating, and I explored this interest when I, in 2009, studied non-vocal communication in mantled howler monkeys (Alouatta palliata) on Ometepe Island, Nicaragua.



If you are interested (and know Swedish or how to use Google Translate) you can check out the article I wrote for a Swedish magazine (Ergo) about my experiences here in Morocco, as well as my blog, which also the Biology department at Uppsala University is linking to on their website.