Last week was rather busy with a visit from our supervisors Bino and Julia. We all spent time together in the forest and the monkeys were very kind to them, only giving us a couple of hours search time maximum each day.  They were very lucky with the weather as we have some rain moving in […]

Super size me

Only a few kilometers from the Green group´s home range, there is a tourist area with an appurtenant monkey group. People like to come there to see the monkeys and feed them. And the latter has, well..some consequences, as you can see on the photo below. Me and Chris found this male Barbary macaque Biggie […]


  Hi Everyone, Firstly welcome to our blog.  Here we aim to give everyone an incite in to out work and life in the field and also life after the field.  We will try to keep you captivated with a vast array of photo’s, videos and witty posts.  The idea is to allow you in […]