Disease transmission

Following the post by the Moroccan Primate Conservation about how close tourists can get to Barbary macaques in Ifrane National Park, I felt the need to tell you the consequences and risk that such behaviour may lead to. Every day we observe the behaviour of many tourists interacting with monkeys at the tourist group at […]

Interspecific Cooperation?

There are several stray dogs living at our field site that depend largely on food brought by tourists intended for the monkeys. Although dogs are a potential predator to Barbary macaques, these dogs seem to be aware of this and do not attack them. Conversely, when the macaques sound an alarm call against a potential […]

MPC Education program

As part of the project, we have the great opportunity to meet different actors of Barbary Macaques conservation. That is how we got in touch with Els Van Lavieren, from the Moroccan Primate Conservation. The MPC has worked for the protection of this species in the Middle Atlas and around Ouzoud waterfalls since 2003, mainly […]

Many thanks Sian!

Earlier this year in May, Sian Waters kindly invited us to visit her exhibition on Barbary Macaque Conservation in Tetouan. Sian set up a project, the BMCRif, few years ago in order to protect the Barbary macaque species in this region. The exhibition started off with some basic facts about Barbary Macaques. Then it moved […]

Where is Wally? Answers

Many thanks for your participation. No more suspense, I give you the answers: Picture tourist group 1: As you can see in the picture, there is a monkey lying on the ground with his head up. This is fingers. He is lying this way 80% of the time! Picture green group: There are 2 monkeys […]