Last week was rather busy with a visit from our supervisors Bino and Julia.

We all spent time together in the forest and the monkeys were very kind to them, only giving us a couple of hours search time maximum each day.  They were very lucky with the weather as we have some rain moving in for the next week or so.  Well its forecast for rain in Ifrane (a town 200+m lower than the forest) so it might freeze a little more at our altitude…. we shall find out soon enough.

Bino and Julia

They have now left us however and flown back to Gottingen and Lincoln respectively.   But have left us with Frederic a Masters student from Gottingen.  He will be joining the team for about 10 weeks working on the Green Group.  I am sure he will update every one with his plans whilst here soon.

The apartment seems a little quite now Bino and Julia have gone but we still have 7 of us here occupying 3 floors of our apartment block.  Frederic has moved into a small recently build room on the roof or the penthouse as we have Christened it.


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