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Firstly welcome to our blog.  Here we aim to give everyone an incite in to out work and life in the field and also life after the field.  We will try to keep you captivated with a vast array of photo’s, videos and witty posts.  The idea is to allow you in to the world of the primatologist and see what field work is all about and also our lives beyond the field.  Living in a small town in Morocco is an experience to say the least and when combined with working with wild animals it gives us many a story to tell.

You can see my involvement on the project through my profile but just to give you a quick overview.  I am currently a PhD student and work on two groups of monkeys in two separate forests close to Azrou, Morocco.  The first group are the Green Group with 8 adult males, 7 females, 4 juveniles and 4 mischievous infants.  The second group is the Scarlet Group with 6 males, 9 females, a plethora of juveniles and also 4 infants.  To help me collect data on these two groups i have 3 assistants: Maria, Sofia and Tom.  We are currently in the mating season which is a very busy time for us as i am sure you will find out in future posts. 

 Mostly we hope you enjoy finding out about our projects, research and general musings.



The Scarlet Group

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