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New paper on post-grooming anxiety

A new paper from our team has been published in Animal Behaviour. The paper looks at anxiety following grooming in wild Barbary macaques. This paper is the first one to assess post-grooming anxiety in the donor and recipient of the … Continue reading

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Monkeys playing on slide?

Watching juvenile Barbary macaques playing on a dead tree trunk shows that it is not only human kids (and adults!) who enjoy playing on slide. Monkey kids seem to enjoy this game too! Proof in video: Sandra

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ASAB Easter Conference 2012

In April, I was pleased to attend the ASAB (Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour) Easter conference at the University of Aberystwyth. Conferences are the perfect venue to be updated on the recent advances from several fields of research, … Continue reading

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Good-bye Morocco

The time came also for me to leave Morocco and to go back to U.K. Indeed, it is now the time to analyze my data and write up my thesis and publications. In front of my Excel files I will … Continue reading

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Back for a grooming

Larsson is a young adult male who was part of the Green Group until last year. Indeed, he left the Green Group in 2010 to start is adult life with another group. Larsson in 2010. Last day, the Green Group … Continue reading

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