Back for a grooming

Larsson is a young adult male who was part of the Green Group until last year. Indeed, he left the Green Group in 2010 to start is adult life with another group.

Larsson in 2010.

Last day, the Green Group had an inter-group encounter with another group. The encounter was not really aggressive; the individuals were only staring at each other on the both sides, and the strange group finally gave up and started to leave the area. However, one strange individual were staying close to the Green Group and came closer and closer to us, strangely being very comfortable with our presence. I just needed to adjust my eyes to realize that this weird individual was actually Larsson!

Then, a bit farther from the other members of the Green Group, Larson came to approach Simon, his “old best friend” of the Green Group for a grooming session. It was great to see these two “friends” meeting again and having friendly interactions even if they no more belong to the same group.

Larsson and Simon grooming.

Simon will soon reach also the adult age, and the fact that he keeps friendly interactions with a member of another group could perhaps help him to get support to reach the same group when it will be time for him to leave the Green Group too.


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