Good-bye Morocco

The time came also for me to leave Morocco and to go back to U.K. Indeed, it is now the time to analyze my data and write up my thesis and publications. In front of my Excel files I will certainly miss a lot the forest, the monkeys and Moroccan people. However my mind will still be full of monkeys’ stories, thus I will not miss to continue to sustain the blog with my Moroccan experience.

Azrou in the middle of the hills.

Azrou from the top of a hill. You can see the big Mosque dominating the city.

Mac “contemplating Azrou” up a tree.

 I would like also to take this opportunity to thank my research assistants for their precious help during my data collection:

Barbora, me and Neal.

Laura, tracking monkeys at the canopy.

I would like also to thank all my Moroccan friends; the fossils sellers and the horses riders of the tourist area, the sellers at Azrou’s Market, and more… Thanks all of you for your hospitality, friendship and to have keeping an eye on me there.

The Fossiles sellers’ team and me.


The Horses riders’ team and me.

 And to finish… what looks like human grooming?

Answer in picture:

Barbora, me , Neal and Anne.


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