ASAB Easter Conference 2012

In April, I was pleased to attend the ASAB (Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour) Easter conference at the University of Aberystwyth.

Conferences are the perfect venue to be updated on the recent advances from several fields of research, to discuss your own research and get valuable feedbacks from experts, and to network with other scientists and students. Thus I was glad to have the opportunity to present and discuss my research on post-grooming anxiety in wild Barbary macaques, a part of my PhD results.

Me with my Poster in the sunshine.

The workshop held at the conference gave also valuable advices on publishing and finding funding, two very important topics for any researcher.

The presentations were all very interesting, from bird navigation and cognition to the evolutionary explanations of monogamy.

The city of Aberystwyth is nicely situated in front of the sea, and if you are lucky enough you can even spot some seals and dolphins from the bay.


More pictures of the conference can be found at the Facebook page “ASAB Easter Conference 2012”.


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