A Month with the Macaques

After half a year of planning, and loads of emails back and forth between myself and the Barbary Macaque Project I had finally arrived in Azrou. I stepped off the coach from Marrakech and my first thought was “I should have brought more clothes!” Sandra greeted me wearing walking boots, thick trousers, 2 jumpers, a […]

Monkeys on film again!

Ben, a master student from the Wildlife Documentary Production at Salford University, arrived here to practice filming wildlife for his final project of Master Degree. He will soon tell you about some of his adventures here! Ben working with the monkeys. A little nap in the forest? Sandra

June? You said June?

These last days, the weather changes very quickly, from hot sun to cold, rain, fog and thunder storms. It is quite frustrating to have to wear gloves in June! I was also surprised last day when I got a hail shower. The hailstones were around 1 cm diameter. Sunset after the hail shower. At least […]

More babies !!

The birth season continues, with now 5 babies in the Green Group and 7 in the Tourist Group.  At least 3 more babies are still impatiently waited in these two groups. The first female who gave birth in the Tourist Group was Luna, the dominant female. Luna’s infant falling asleep in the arms of her […]