For the last two weeks i have been residing at Affenberg Salem, a free-ranging monkey park in Southern Germany.       I am there as a teaching assistant helping to advise students undertaking a field course as part of their Masters degree.  The park contains approximately 200 Barbary macaques in a woodland […]

Scorpion Tales

  As we move away from the wet, cold and tough winter insects begin to become abundant in the forest once more.  The can be both a blessing and a curse.  Some of them are marvelous and wonderful to look at.  Others are irritating and insufferable.  And some have a useful function, such as the […]

The good, The bad and The Courtney

  We had some sad news last week when we could not find Courtney’s infant in the Scarlet Group and its with displeasure that i reveal to you that the infant was only with the group a mere 10 days before disappearing, the cause of which is unknown.  But from death has come intrigue as […]

The name game

  And the results are in… It seems the very dark room we were in last week was so dark we could not find the handle to get out and announce the results of the name an infant competition.    So there were some great name suggestions and thank you to everyone that took the […]

Welcome to the Green Group

We are currently sat in a very dark room deep in discussion about the best of the name suggestions which were suggested by you blog readers.  So while the discussion continues, an outcome soon i promise, here are a couple of exciting videos to peruse. They are both of the same aggression within the Green […]