Forest Transect

  Being new to the blog i better introduce myself: I am Friederike, a student Biology at the University of Göttingen, Germany. My main research interest is the behavioral ecology and sociobiology of vertebrates.  I have been in “La Forêt des Singes” in Rocamadour, France, as a research assistant for a Master student for three […]


The life of wild animals is always tough and inevitably there will be some casualties in the great struggle to survive but no matter how much you anticipate this will happen its always sad when an animal disappears.  This is what happened recently in the Green Group where sadly Neo has not been seen for […]

The Super Six

  My field work in Morocco has finally come to an end and this inevitably means I have to  leave Azrou, the forest, the people and the monkeys, at least for the time being.  It is with a heavy heart that I depart but it was always part of the deal.  As a field biologist […]

The Seedy Forest

  This year we had a very nice spring, with plenty rain and some cool days which allowed for a great deal of grass and foliage to grow.  This was great for the monkeys in the spring as it gave them a great and lush food supply.     Now however with the long days […]

A Tough Test

  It’s nice to be back in Morocco and with the monkeys again after a couple months break in Germany.  But sadly it’s only for a couple more weeks i will enjoy their company before i return to Germany and end my field work period of my PhD.     I decided to give myself […]