The name game

Dakota seems happy with her new sister


And the results are in…

It seems the very dark room we were in last week was so dark we could not find the handle to get out and announce the results of the name an infant competition. 

Simon still has to learn the wheelbarrow is not a good infant carrying technique


So there were some great name suggestions and thank you to everyone that took the time to send us your suggestions.  We will start with the Green group and we picked Frederic Nowak’s suggestion of Rafiq which means friend in Arabic. 

The infants try their hand at babysitting


Continuing with the Arabic theme we chose Abderrahime for Anna’s young boy as a tribute our landlord, neighbour and friend in Morocco who has made everything on the Barbary macaque project run smoothly since it began.  Danni’s little girl is now Dakini and little sister to Dakota, a theme forming here i think.  And finally from last year there is Kerry’s wee man Karl.

Anna's baby makes a break for Mum


In the Scarlet group we decided on a Christmas theme and suggestion for Hollie’s girl with Ivy.  Thank you to both Doreen Young and Kerry Nesbitt for suggesting that one.

Other names in this group include Rachel’s boy now Rich, Mao’s boy named Marx and a further little chap of Felicity who is named Thurston as a tribute to Gavin Thurston and the BBC film crew.  We also named the now two year old juveniles in this group who are three little girls for Lola, Natalie and Gina with the juveniles called Lulu, Mollie and Garry respectively (the last one is from a source who would like to remain anonymous). 

With the two top ranking males baring down Mac uses his newly stolen toy as a shield


I am sure we have not been able to please everyone but again thanks for the suggestions and hope everyone finds a name in this bunch they like!


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