Newborn and TV

Sorry for the late news on the blog. I would like to give you more information on what happens here every day, because something exciting always happens but unfortunately, 24 hours in a day are just not enough to do everything.

For several weeks now we have been waiting for the first new born infants, and here we are!! Anna gave birth yesterday in the Green group. For the great pleasure of all us researchers here and a German TV crew that came yesterday to film our popular monkeys!

Anna was still covered in blood when she appeared before us early morning handling a little ball of black fur. She kept the attention of several individuals of the group, who did not stop following her and attempting to approach and interact with her and her newborn infant. Lewis, Danni and Joan seemed to be the only individuals that were allowed to approach her and positively interact with a lot of teeth-chattering and grooming. After a certainly rough night, brave Anna followed the group in their daily journey and walked over 2 km up the vertical valley with the new born infant grabbing on to the hair of her belly.

The other great event during the day was the National German TV crew that came to film the group. They only stayed in the morning when the sun was up but it was good to see how they work. And it was, as always, a great pleasure to see Els!

pictures by Celia Gobeaut

I would not say this is a usual day in Morocco but every day we experience a different adventure, either with the monkeys or people. So luckily, we cannot become bored!



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