Conservation Evening at Monkey Forest

Members of the Barbary Macaque Project, Dr. Bonaventura Majolo and Professor Stuart Semple, together with Kristina Stazaker (Moroccan Primate Conservation) have been invited to give a talk on October 11th at the Conservation Evening organised by Monkey Forest in Staffordshire. The event will start at 17.30 with talks on the conservation of the Barbary macaques in […]

Primate Conference

At the beginning of April, Lincoln hosted the Primate Society of Great Britain Easter Conference. This was an intense two days meeting that gathered primatologists from UK and various other European countries.   The quality of the talks and posters was excellent and the conference was also an excellent opportunity for members of the Barbary […]

ASAB Easter Conference 2012

In April, I was pleased to attend the ASAB (Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour) Easter conference at the University of Aberystwyth. Conferences are the perfect venue to be updated on the recent advances from several fields of research, to discuss your own research and get valuable feedbacks from experts, and to network with […]

Monkey conference

    Working in the office provides many different challenges, advantages and disadvantages compared to field work.  One such advantage is being able to attend some primate related conferences and show off some of the hard work we have been ploughing through. Last month i had such a pleasure and was able to attend the […]

EFP Conference

The European Federation for Primatology Conference was held in Almada, Portugal, between 14th and 17th September. This was an great opportunity for some members of the Barbary Macaque Project to meet up once again. Richard gave an excellent presentation on post-conflict bystander affiliation in Barbary macaques and there were many other interesting talks. Attending a […]