The monkeys are under the spotlight!!

I am pleased to tell you that we have just published a paper about Impacts of tourism on anxiety and physiological stress levels in wild male Barbary macaques in Biological Conservation.

Laëtitia Maréchal, Stuart Semple, Bonaventura Majolo, Mohamed Qarro, Michael Heistermann and Ann MacLarnon. Impacts of tourism on anxiety and physiological stress levels in wild male Barbary macaques. Biol. Conserv. (2011), doi:10.1016/j.biocon.2011.05.010

This paper has caused great interested in the media and many have reported it. See below some that have already covered it:

BBC nature:

Channel 4 news:

Hopefully many others will follow.

That’s great news for the Barbary macaque project, Barbary macaque species conservation, the region and more broadly Morocco.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank many people who directly or indirectly made this research possible.

My great supervisor team from Roehampton University: Dr. Stuart Semple and Prof. Ann MacLarnon.

Dr. Bino Majolo and Prof. Mohamed Qarro, respectively Director and co-director of the Barbary macaque project.

Chris Young, Alvaro Monge Gonzalez, Khalid Rakkas for their valuable help and advice.

And also, Dave Thomas, Michael Madole, and Sofia Santos who made my time in Morocco very enjoyable.

Chiara Borg for your picture (look on BBC nature webpage)

Finally, a special thanks for previous project members with who I shared many adventures and have been always very supportive, helpful and full of great advice: Stefano Kaburu, Pawel Fedurek and Richard McFarland.

Hopefully we will enjoy soon other interesting papers from the project team (Good luck and fingers crossed!).


One thought on “The monkeys are under the spotlight!!

  1. Great to see your work getting a well deserve attention Laetitia. Lets all hope that your findings might change tourism policies or at least enforce the already present ones not only in Morocco but also in other countries with primate tourism in order to prevent these kind of situations to get any worse.

    Best wishes.

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