Alisson missing

The Tourist Group lives in a large home range including a tourist area. The group leaves the forest in the morning to reach the tourist area, and goes back in the forest the evening. People are habituated to come to the tourist area to look the monkeys, to take pictures, to give food to the monkeys and sometimes even to stay for having lunch. The group is composed of 11 adult males, 15 adult females, 4 sub-adults, plenty of juveniles, and 9 infants (3 others was born but didn’t survive).

Here are some portraits of individuals of the Tourist Group:

Osiris with her infant.

Naola threatening a group member. She has grey\blue eyes.

Portrait of Finger.

Portrait of Twix.

Fingers lying down on the ground. Life seems beautiful!

Fidji and her infant.

Galack yawning.

Clarisse in the shadow.

Me and Grace.

Leïla carrying her infant. She has dots under the eyes which look like tears.


Alisson is certainly the oldest female of this group. Her exact age is unknown. Unfortunately she has disappeared from the group since 2 months. It is quite usual for males to leave their group for some days\weeks\or months during the mating season, for example to avoid aggression from the other males of their group or to look for mating partner in other groups.  For instance, Billy is a male from another group whose the home range overlaps the one of the Tourist Group. He often came to visit the females of the tourist group and mated with them. The females were very active in this process, looking for him and joining him more far from the main part of the group. Indeed if a foreign male is seen mating with a female of the group, the male members of the group can give aggression to the foreign male as much as the “guilty” female. However it is unusual for a female to disappear like this on her own, thus her disappearance makes me worry about her life diagnostic…


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