Monkeys and the snow

Sooner than expected, more snow arrived on the field. To collect data under this weather is more challenging, but it is the price to pay to have the privilege to see them behave during all the year.

The first step to reach the home range is to leave the city of Azrou. For this, we have to pass the snow barrier which is closed if there is too snow on the road. If unfortunately the barrier will be not opened during the day, we have to reach the home range of the monkeys by walking.

Then, once the car left, we have a long walk through hills to reach the home range.

The queue behind the snow barrier.

A part of Azrou.

Under fog your GPS will be your best friend !

Tracks of monkeys.

Artemis surrounded by the white coat.

Neo showing how it can be tough to walk on the snow.

Artemis digging under the snow to find some acorns and shoots.

Monkeys hunched under the snow falling.


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