Eco-guards to protect the endangered Barbary macaque


Eco guards project July 2015 #6

Ready to protect the monkeys

The Moroccan Primate Conservation Foundation (MPCF), a key partner of the Barbary Macaque Project, has just started a new programme to protect the endangered Barbary macaques: 2 eco-guards have been trained by MPCF and Liz Campbell (from the Barbary Macaque Project) to avoid poaching of the monkeys in the forest near the city of Azrou. This is an excellent achievement that will have a great positive impact for the protection of the macaques, as poaching is one of the main causes of the dramatic decline of this species in recent years. Well done MPCF and best of luck to the eco-guards for their new job!!!

Eco guards project July 2015 #5

Liz and the eco-guards during a training session

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