Where is Wally?

More interesting posts coming soon, in the mean time I propose to our blog readers to play a little game that everybody knows: where’s Wally? or Ou est Charlie? (For French speakers). The principle is easy, where is the monkey(s) in the pictures.

Tourist group 1

Green group

 Tourist group 2


I will give you the answers soon, but for now you can participate in the game by writing your answer on the blog or on theBarbarymacaque project facebook page.



3 thoughts on “Where is Wally?

  1. The tourist group 1 picture is tricky. I would say the monkey is in the middle-left of the picture. Positioned laying down but with its head up.

    Two juveniles are resting at the bottom of the tree in the green group.

    For the tourist group 2 I will go as far as saying the monkey laying down is a male and his name is Chocobon (aka el choco-loco)!

  2. Hi, what a brilliant pics. In the green group I actually see 2 individuals. 1 juvenile sitting in the middel of the bush and on the left side of the same bush I see a head ( relaxing?) In tourist Group 2, I see just behind the stoned a barbary-bum 🙂 Relaxing on te ground. In tourist Group 1 it’s hard to see, but I think there is 1 sitting on the ground next to some stones. I’m curious to know if I am right!

  3. Hi Laetitia, I think I have spotted “Wally” in two of the pictures: in the “Green group” one there is a juvenile sitting in the lower part of a tree, by the intersection between two branches. It looks like s/he is touching his/her mouth with a hand. In the third photo (tourist group two) there is a monkey (from the rump area she looks like an adult female) who is lying on the ground behind a small rock. You cannot actually see her head, but only the back and side area. In the first picture I am not sure but there might be a monkey in the far distance sitting on the ground, but it might be just a rock! I hope I got it right 🙂

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