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Reducing the potential risk of primate tourism

New study: preventing disease transmission between tourists and Barbary macaques There is an increased risk of disease transmission between humans and wild animals when tourists come into close proximity (< 10 meters) or in contact with these animals, for example … Continue reading

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Preventing monkey bites

Wildlife tourists frequently fail to identify aggressive and distressed emotional states in wild monkeys – mistaking animals’ warnings of aggression for ‘smiles’ and ‘kisses’. This can lead to welfare problems for  primates and risk of injury for people. In our new paper we … Continue reading

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Eco-guards to protect the endangered Barbary macaque

  The Moroccan Primate Conservation Foundation (MPCF), a key partner of the Barbary Macaque Project, has just started a new programme to protect the endangered Barbary macaques: 2 eco-guards have been trained by MPCF and Liz Campbell (from the Barbary … Continue reading

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