Where is Wally?

More interesting posts coming soon, in the mean time I propose to our blog readers to play a little game that everybody knows: where’s Wally? or Ou est Charlie? (For French speakers). The principle is easy, where is the monkey(s) in the pictures. Tourist group 1 Green group  Tourist group 2   I will give […]

Pregnancy test

Pregnancy test As you might be aware, we are currently in birth season. However this year, we have got a quite strange birth season. First, the birth seasons in the previous years used to occur at the end of March, around the 20th. This year, the first birth in the tourist group occurred the 5th […]

The green group and the dormouse

A week ago, I was with the green group collecting data and we had a surprising encounter. While half of the group were feeding on grass in an open area, some members were in a tree near by. These individuals started to scream loudly and vocalise. The rest of the group immediately stopped feeding and […]

Alan’s birthday

Last Sunday, the 15th of April, Alan was gaining an additional year. It was a good opportunity to celebrate and another good excuse to have some fun. Although it was his birthday, we spent the day at the field site collecting some data. Sunday is a very important day for the data collection as many […]

A piece of art from Laura

Laura was research assistant on my team  from January to March 2012. It was a real pleasure to work and live with her. I think I can speak on behalf of all team members when I say that we miss you here. So good luck in South Africa. To remind us the great time we spent together […]