Wild Christmas

As we all know, Christmas is approaching and with everything that that implies. However, since Morocco is a Muslim country and thus does not celebrate Christmas, there is not much around to remind us about it. But shame on us if that was to stop us!

An mp3-player packed with Christmas songs, a little Christmas tree in the apartment and an Advent candle holder,

A self-made Advent candle holder, somewhat altered from a normal one (I could not find any Christmas decorations so tin foil and wild animal stickers had to do)

all these things make a small but significant difference.

Decorating our little Christmas tree that was sent to us (thank you, Doreen!)

From the Scarlet group: Mao, Holly (+ infants) and Eric

Weather wise, the past week has also been slightly different to what I am used to (Swedish winters). With up to 20°C and sun, green grass and blue skies, it feels more like spring. But I cannot complain, can I?  The monkeys also love it.

Merry wild Christmas in advance!


Lola´s 1-year old playing in a puddle

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3 Responses to Wild Christmas

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  2. Sandra Molesti says:

    Merci beaucoup Alain, j’ai hâte de tous vous revoir.

  3. Alain Molesti says:

    Ça donne envie de te rejoindre pour faire des photos ensemble…

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