Primate Conference

At the beginning of April, Lincoln hosted the Primate Society of Great Britain Easter Conference. This was an intense two days meeting that gathered primatologists from UK and various other European countries.   The quality of the talks and posters was excellent and the conference was also an excellent opportunity for members of the Barbary […]

New food on the diet: rabbits and birds!

A new study from our team has just been published on the journal African Primates! We report a series of observations, for the first time in the wild, on the capture and consumption of two prey items which previously had not been reported in the diet of the Barbary macaque: adult European rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) and chicks of the […]

Quick visit

Ann MacLarnon, Stuart Semple and I were in Morocco this week for a short visit to the students working there. It’s nice to see that the students are all doing a great job in the field and are collecting very interesting data for their projects! This visit also gave us the opportunity to have a […]