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Reducing the potential risk of primate tourism

New study: preventing disease transmission between tourists and Barbary macaques There is an increased risk of disease transmission between humans and wild animals when tourists come into close proximity (< 10 meters) or in contact with these animals, for example … Continue reading

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Preventing monkey bites

Wildlife tourists frequently fail to identify aggressive and distressed emotional states in wild monkeys – mistaking animals’ warnings of aggression for ‘smiles’ and ‘kisses’. This can lead to welfare problems for  primates and risk of injury for people. In our new paper we … Continue reading

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Metabolic flexibility of Barbary macaques

The endangered Barbary macaques have to cope with extreme environmental conditions, from cold and snowy winters to hot and dry summers. Under these extreme and diverse ecological conditions full-filling their daily energetic requirements may be very difficult for macaques. We … Continue reading

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The monkeys make it to Japanese TV

Last spring a documentary on the Barbary macaques of Morocco has been released on NHK, a Japanese channel. A short trailer of the documentary is available on YouTube: The documentary was filmed by the Dutch company ‘Ateles’ and shows the … Continue reading

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Eco-guards to protect the endangered Barbary macaque

  The Moroccan Primate Conservation Foundation (MPCF), a key partner of the Barbary Macaque Project, has just started a new programme to protect the endangered Barbary macaques: 2 eco-guards have been trained by MPCF and Liz Campbell (from the Barbary … Continue reading

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