Sofia Santos



Sept. 2007 – Sep. 2009 – Master Degree in Primatology from the Universitat de Barcelona.

Apr. 2009 – Aug. 2009 – Research in Delay of Gratification with bonobos and gorillas at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany supervised by Dr. Josep Call and Dr. Montserrat Collel.

Final dissertation in Hyperbolic Discounting Among Great Apes. Final grade 9,8/10.

Sept. 2004 – Jul. 2007 – Degree in Psychopedagogy from the Universidade Moderna de Lisboa. Final grade 16/20.

Jan. 2007 – Jun. 2007 – Internship in Externato Florbela Espanca with preschoolers (class of 5 year olds) with emphasis on a subject with muscular dystrophy. 

Research interests

With so many different research fields in the area of primatology I find it quite hard to pick just a few. I started by getting quite interested in primate research when I was still studying Psychopedadogy in college and learned about human ethology and evolutionary psychology and how those fields combined can explain so many of the personality disorders present in our society. I then started to research more on my own and got quite aware of the conservation status of most primate species which made me interested in primate wildlife rehabilitation and conservation. Later on I went to Barcelona to pursue my master degree in Primatology and found myself drawn to subjects like comparative psychology, cognitive development in apes and meta-cognition and theory of mind. During the time I was living in Spain I worked as a volunteer for 6months with the primates in the Barcelona Zoo. One of my main tasks was to take care of a baby siamang that had been rejected by her parents. I then got quite interested in fields like non-human primate parenting behaviours and cultural learning in non-human primate species. Later on I went to the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany to collect data for my dissertation and researched subjects like primate psycho-economics and delay gratification in non-human primates. At the present moment I’m quite interested in deception and Machiavellian intelligence in primates as well as non-verbal communication in human and non-human primates.

Other Interests

Apart from having an immense interest in primatology and it’s continuous findings on our early ancestors and long distant relatives and how we can combine that information with our present human situation as an individual or as a society, it would be wrong for me to narrow down all my passions to a single field of study. I’m enthusiastic about sports in general and martial arts in particular; I love to watch good old films and I’m a huge fan of Hitchcock; I enjoy a good reading and so far no author made me as excited about his work as Eça de Queirós (Portuguese writer from the 19th century); I  rejoice with the possibility to take amazing photos, especially in the forest, and the occasional chance to record videos for posterity; I’m quite drawn to computers and technology in general and I love the fact that we live in a world where information is available to (almost) everyone 24/7 on the internet; I have a quite big collection of blogs and science websites that I like to follow on a daily basis that allow me to keep up with recent news and studies and especially to find out new and even more interesting fields of study to research about; I enjoy 3D illustrations and i learned how to make my own images many years ago just by reading tutorials and trying by myself. Later on I decided to create my own online “company” where I have most of my own creations for sale which I still maintain. In general, I like to consider myself as an autodidact and I take great satisfaction in learning and researching new information on my own with the help of a great resource: the internet.



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